Purely Local Program

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Purely Local highlights local businesses that use Louisville pure tap® in a meaningful way. Local businesses and nonprofits who are excited about the quality, taste and affordability of Louisville Pure Tap™ are invited to join us as we celebrate the liquid assets that make our community unique. 

Purely Local partners are featured on our website, with additional engagement opportunities through in-person events, social media, customer education initiatives, co-branded products, and special online feature stories throughout the year. They also have access to Louisville pure tap® equipment to help their employees and customers stay hydrated in an environmentally sustainable way.

We know that your customers have high expectations – safe, healthy foods and beverages; a dedication to using locally sourced products and services whenever possible; and a commitment to a smaller environmental footprint. Louisville Water is proud to collaborate with the local business community to showcase your efforts and to share our award-winning Louisville pure tap® with residents and visitors alike!

Interested in becoming a Purely Local partner? Send us an email!