Temporary Water Service Meters

Louisville Water provides Temporary Service Water Meters for customers who need temporary access to water through a fire hydrant.  Temporary Meters can be used for many purposes, including:  construction projects, landscaping, filling swimming pools, outdoor events and more. They should not be used in place of installing a permanent water meter and can only be used on Louisville Water Company-owned fire hydrants. 

How to Apply
To apply for a Temporary Meter, complete and return our Temporary Service Application.  Applications must be received by noon, at least one business day prior to pick-up. Your account(s) must be in good standing.  Your meter will be ready for pick-up on your scheduled pick-up date, unless Louisville Water contacts you for additional information.


  • ¾-inch meter = $600 Deposit (adapts to a garden hose; $100 non-refundable)
  • 1 ½-inch meter = $1000 Deposit (adapts to a 2-inch fire hose; $100 non-refundable)

Deposits are due at the time of meter pick-up.  Deposits can be made with a check, money order or cashiers check made payable to Louisville Water Company. Cash and credit cards are not accepted. 

A $2 fee is charged per day, beginning on the Requested Meter Pick-up Date.

Water usage is charged bi-monthly based on our current Tariff & Rate Schedule. Louisville Water requires customers to provide bi-monthly meter readings.  See the Temporary Service User Guide for instructions.

Annual Lease 
Temporary Meters are issued for up to one year.  You must return your Temporary Meter by the posted return date on your application (a copy is provided at meter pick-up). The meter will be examined, a final bill will be issued and any applicable refund will be posted to your account.

Note:  A deposit will be required with each new application.